Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tasty Training or Cheesy Training?

This is cheesy on many levels, but does make me wonder about the entertainment value. Check it out:

Would you consider this creative? Effective? Worth it?

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Anonymous said...

If you like cheese, it's tasty. It's a learning genre, right? Some will love, others won't. The essential ingredient in any learning genre is impact. Impact on the mind and spirit, that is. If done right, the "learning" is transparent and isn't overtly noticeable to the learner -- which, by the way, is why today's elearning is so last-century. It's 2007 and vendors are still pushing page-turner content via the desktop. Sure, they add sugar and spice to try and make it nice, but it's still just a page-turner and it's P A I N F U L L Y boring. Instructionally sound, perhaps, but what good is instructional soundness if it isn't impacting the mind and soul? Speaking of hamburger patties, I'm hungry!