Friday, April 13, 2007

Socialight is a fun, new community that lets you connect in totally new ways - by creating, sharing, and discovering virtual Sticky Notes placed at specific locations using your mobile phone or the web.

Socialight is a location-based information service. Geeks call it "geo-tagging". With this service, you can create Stickies anywhere in the world for your friends, for everyone, or just for yourself. They can now contain text and photos, and soon you'll be able to add sound clips and video.

Watch this video to learn more:

The company claims benefits like:

  • Looking for restaurant reviews from friends whose opinions you trust? Use your cell phone to access their creative take on the food and service…before you’re led to your table.

  • Want the inside scoop on the coolest, hard-to-find shops in London? Use your mobile phone to see what your fashion-forward friends have tagged in a particular shopping district.

  • There are obvious concerns and critics with anything new, especially as it relates to security. Not that I believe anyone will be stalking me, there are some who this may be an issue.

  • What are your thoughts about how employees may use this service on business trips?

  • What policies (if any) do you feel the organization should put in place to protect their people and/or themselves?
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    Anonymous said...

    This platform can benefit traveling and/or geographically dispersed employees. For example, hotel, restaurant, and entertainment recommendations.

    Maybe it can also be used in large organizations for tagging internal resources. For example, someone in finance, procurement, HR, IT, etc. that proves to be a helpful and valuable internal contact. There are some obvious risks with this -- just food for thought.