Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Social Pressure

I agree with Jon Fine that there is an overwhelming sense that Facebook is a "must have" for everyone, whether or not you fully understand what it is or how you would use it. The once "for students only" social networking network utility, the recent purchase of MySpace by Rupert Murdoch has promted Facebook to shift into hyper-gear in an attempt to win not only market share but market hype and heart as well. Like Mr. Fine, I too have succumbed and have my own Facebook site which you can find by the proverbial link below:
Stephen B. Carman's Facebook profile

Of course, like many, I am awaiting the mashup that will allow me to update one site and publish to the many (many) sites that are springing up.

Source: Fine, Jon (2007, September 17). O.K. (Sigh), I'll Join Facebook. BusinessWeek, 24

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