Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mobile Wave or Fad?

So I took the plunge and jumped into the latest wave. Some question whether this is more like a fad.

With the integration of video as well as the other expected features of phone, e-mail and web, the question is how can this device be leveraged for performance support with a geographically disperse workforce?

Time will tell...for now, it's not only a cool device that works, it is also a great conversation starter.


Patty W. said...

Accessibility is a great feature, but effective use is also key. A phone may have too small of a screen for some learners of online training in its traditional format. However, an abbreviated format may fit better on the smaller screen on this highly used device.

An abbreviated format may include small snipets of information that hits the key points and links for more information. Learners can then access the links on the web from their phone or from their PC at home.

Stephen said...

You have identified the key tension: mobility versus length, especially when considering "traditional" learning products.

In many ways what is happening with mobility and the shrinking of content is analogous to what happened when technology first provided some alternatives to traditional classroom training.

Hopefully we have learned some lessons and will not simply try to "convert" what we have not and try to force fit into a new format.

These devices speak more to performance support rather than traditional e-learning.

Thanks for the post.