Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Social Networking: Why?

Why do people participate in various social networks online? What is their motivation?


Stephen said...

In Lisa Johnson's Mind Your X's and Y'S she describes the 10 cravings fueling this "always on" generation of Gen X-ers (62.1 million) and Gen Y-ers (74.2 million) including a chance to:

1. Shine in the spotlight
2. Raise my pulse
3. Make loose connections
4. Give me brand candy
5. Sift through the clutter
6. Keep it underground
7. Build it together
8. Bring it to life
9. Go inward
10. Give back

gk said...

The "how" behind these cravings or motivators is just as important as the "why".

If one craves the spotlight, HOW does the the SN setting satisfy the spotlight craving?

If one craves a pulse-raising experience, HOW does the SN setting satisfy this craving?

The answers to these questions are very individualized; however, there are obviously patterns and trends that have widespread appeal -- and which can serve as the foundation upon which individuality can be achieved.

Can you say

Stephen said...

GK-I believe you are correct that the answers will be very individualized.

I also like your question: "How does the the SN setting satisfy the spotlight craving?"

For me, the answer is they have the opportunity to "risk" posting whatever they want without it being edited, banned, or whatever.