Friday, December 29, 2006

Riding the Next Talent Wave

John Baldoni, in a recent CIO Magazine article Get Ready to Ride the Nexter Wave suggests the following five strategies to "live with" this next generation of workers:

  • Get used to them

  • Embrace their tech-savvy orientation

  • Tap into their aspirations

  • Roll with the tide

  • Instill discipline

  • Baldoni goes on to describe this worker:

    Google is a way of life, not simply a search engine. It is the source of information for many things global as well as local. Instant communications is a necessity; these folks are connected wirelessly 24/7. Empowerment is an expectation; I can be my own boss. Flexibility is an entitlement. That is, you conform to me, or I’m gone.

    --PBS’s Generation Next Series

    What needs to change from a Training & Development perspective to engage this new type of learner?

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